agricultural farm and project management

provides agricultural farm and
project management services

agricultural farm and project management


DHProjects provides freelance agricultural farm & project management services and is run by Dutchman Dirk A. Harting.

The services are based on > 20 years of experience managing agricultural projects in developing markets.

Its mission is to improve farm productivity and cooperation between farmers, farmorganizations, government institutions and the processing industry.

DHP! Linking farm production and processing!

Dairy development

The level of fresh milk production in dairy developing markets is often not sufficient to supply the demand for dairy products. Hence, the manufacture of dairy products depend for a great deal on (imported) milk powder.
In general there is a desire among milk powder reliant dairy markets to increase its own self sufficiency of dairy products by means of increasing its own fresh milk production.
This requires a good infrastructure between the dairy stakeholders such as the private enterprises, farm organizations, governmental institutions and the processing industry.

However, the milk producers must be able to produce the quality that meet the demands of the processing industry and must be competitive against world market prices.
At the same time farmers must have access to reliable organizations that secure a fair analysis of the milk quality, provide professional husbandry services and apply a milk pricing mechanism that provides them an incentive for producing good quality milk.